• 1977

    In this year FRIGOJOLLINOX was born,

    the first company in Molise that is exclusively dedicated to the processing of stainless steel, engaged in the manufacture of equipment and carpentry.

  • 1980

    It begins to develop

    the line dedicated to the dairy sector.

  • 1987

    In this year our “CASARO” was born,

    FRIGOJOLLINOX for cheese milk. During the years up to now the CASARO has evolved and improved, giving life to a real range of plants, from manual to fully automatic model.

  • 2000


    The first designers to produce this plant, which allows you to perform the entire production process from raw material to packaged product, we have approached the system of concentration in vacuum to an autoclave sterilizer.

  • 2007

    CASARO undergoes a further evolution,

    in cooperation with specialized engineers, we have created an innovative system of recovery of energy that allows an efficiency in the processing with a reduced amount of energy consumption.

  • 2013

    Innovation goes on...

    in collaboration with engineers of “UNIVERSITY OF PARMA”, we created SBIO40, a drying machine able to dry at low temperatures, with very low consumptions, maintaining color and organoleptic properties.

  • 2015

    In this year BEAUTYLINE was born,

    the new line for cosmetics equipment. After about 40 years of experience, Frigojollinox continues to invest in innovation.


The company mission has always been focused on delivering HIGH QUALITY products,  functioning and energy efficient, able to process the raw material without changing the organoleptic characteristics and in full compliance with TRADITION. In addition the fair value for money, low environmental impact and reliability are key features of all our plants.

Research, Development and Innovation,

We design, develop and construct all the plants in our company. The whole process involves structural and electrical works, water, gas and air plant design. Each plant is carefully tested in our company, following strict criteria and controls. We are a small company but with great potential.


We are well established reality on the market place since 1977. The company history is a guarantee for our customers, who can have a tangible proof of our seriousness and of the quality of products and services offered. We offer products for construction type and capabilities which are unique in Italy.

We are specialized
in manufacturing of equipments
for the following sectors:

  1. Canning
  2. Dairy
  3. Fishing Industry
  4. Confetionery
  5. Herbal
  6. Cosmetic

The Frigojollinox team is composed of operators, engineers and skilled workers who work everyday hard to ensure quality for each plant.


North Italy 25%
Center Italy 31%
South Italy 33%
Other Countries 11%
Satisfied Customers 98%

Via S. Giovanni in Golfo 139d – 86100 Campobasso – Italy
Tel.+39.0874.66319 r.a. Fax +39.0874.62052

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