1. cook up to 140°C
  2. fry
  3. braise
  4. candy
  5. cook/scald in water or other liquid up to 100°C
  6. steaming  up to 100°C

Ideal for production of: tomato sauce, peeled tomatoes, vegetables pickled in oil and pickled, legumes and soups, sauteed vegetables and meat, fish, sauces, pates, sauteed vegetables, condiments, jams, marmalades, jellies, syrups, fruit juices and whatever needs these processes.



it is the ideal system for those looking for a professional system for cooking food. Built entirely in stainless steel, it is functional and intuitive; its build quality meets the very high standards that have always been imposed in Frigojollinox.

The COOKER is equipped with a tank that work totally autonomously and automatically. It allows to cook with almost all possible methods up to 140°C and to cook with steam and in water or other liquid up to 100°C.

Available in models:

COOKER50 with 54lt tank
COOKER100 with 117lt tank
COOKER200 with 216lt tank

> Automatic cooking system with variable temperature up to 140°C.
> Automatic rotary candying system with dedicated stainless-steel basket with shelves (optional on request).
> Automatic cooking system in water up to 100°C.
> Automatic steaming system up to 100°C.
> Automatic mixing system with variable speed scraping mixer.
Indirect heating system, with gas burner or electric heaters, through a cavity with thermal liquid in order to distribute heat evenly on the bottom and walls of the tank. Equipped with automatic management and high energy efficiency.
> Automatic system for filling water on tank.
> Automatic electronic valve system to ensure safe operation.
> Automatic control system with electromechanical control panel, digital thermostats for setting and reading the temperature of the thermal liquid and of the product, push-button panel with low voltage controls, knob for adjusting the mixer speed.

> Cooking system;
> Stainless steel aisi 304/316;
> Tank capacity 54 – 117 –  216 lt;
> Production capacity: 40KG/cycle – 90KG/cycle – 190KG/cycle;
> Tank heating system Integrated with gas burner or electric resistances and cavity with thermal liquid;
> Heating systems power supply LPG / CNG / Electric;
> Max temperature in chamber 140°C;
> Control and automation system: Electromechanical panel with digital thermostats;
> CE certification;


The stainless steel tank with non-stick finish and the variable speed rotating and scraping blade prevent the product from sticking to the bottom or wall of the tank during the cooking phase.

All water, steam and air loading and unloading valves are fully automatic and equipped with safety systems. In this way, the process times are significantly speeded up, allowing to carry out machining operations even in the absence of the operating personnel.

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