1. cook/scald in water or other liquid up to 100°C
  2. steaming  up to 100°C

Ideal for production of: tomato sauce, peeled tomatoes, vegetables pickled in oil and pickled and whatever needs these processes.



it is the ideal plant for boiling food products. Built entirely in stainless steel, it is functional and intuitive; its build quality meets the very high standards that have always been imposed in Frigojollinox.

The KAPPA is equipped with a tank that allows you to boil and scald up to 100°C food products of any type with the use of water or other liquid. It also allows steaming up to 100°C.

Available in models:
K100 with 163lt tank
K200 with 240lt tank
K300 with 380lt tank

> Cooking system in water or other liquid at atmospheric pressure up to 100°C.
> Steaming system up to 100°C.
Direct heating system with gas burner. Equipped with automatic management and high energy efficiency.
> Manual system for filling water.
> Loading and unloading system through reinforced stainless steel basket.
> Electromechanical panel in stainless steel with on-off selector for burner and gas control unit

> Boiling kettle;
> Stainless steel aisi 304/316;
> Tank capacity 163 –  240 – 370 lt;
> Tank heating system Integrated with gas burner;
> Heating systems power supply LPG / CNG;
> Max temperature in chamber 100°C;
> Control system by Electromechanical panel;
> CE certification;

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